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Even Collectors Can Use a New Year's Resolution

Resolutions Can Be Fun and Productive When They Involve Antiques


New Year Postcard

Early 1900s New Year Postcard

-Pamela Wiggins

In an effort to try to make quality time out of the minutes that make up our brand new year, we might consider turning to a New Year’s resolution or two. Sure, giving up vices and leaving unhealthy habits behind are admirable goals, but I think aspiring to resolutions that incorporate some fun for us as collectors might be easier to stick to for any length of time. With just a little effort, accomplishing collecting goals can be a breeze.

Shop More, Spend Less

For collectors, making a worthwhile resolution can be something as easy as making a promise to go to more garage sales and estate sales in the coming year. Sure, you’ll waste some time poking around along the way, but more than likely your shopping forays will be more fruitful than sitting at home watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

For the collectors with kids out there, take them along with you. Little ones can often find much more at garage sales than adults, and for far less money than they’d spend at the toy store. It’s also a good way to get them interested in starting a collection of their own and learning about the history associated with what they collect.

Pairing Up, Paring Down

Making a resolution to find a mate for that Capodimonte lamp your mother gave you or butter dish to match your grandmother’s Limoges china can also be rewarding. Granted, it might take you longer than a year to accomplish these types of objectives, but if you’re actively seeking something you'd love to own then you’re working toward a goal. That's seen as success in my book.

Or, perhaps you need to thin out your collections a bit. You’ve accumulated too many duplicates in your rag doll collection and somehow 20 salad plates have made their way into your Depression glass stash. It happens to all collectors eventually.

Take some time to offer your extra pieces to an antiques dealer in your area or try selling them in online auctions . Either way, you’ll make a little pocket change and that’s always a good feeling.

Build a Community

Perhaps you’re satisfied with your collections, but you’d like to share them with others while meeting some interesting new friends. There are several ways to live up to your expectations here.

For instance, you can set up a web page to show off a collection and make online friends from all over the world. If you’re not quite ready to build a site of your own, you can still learn more about collecting clubs with a little online assistance.

From apple parers to Westmoreland glass, you’ll find a superb variety of clubs you can participate in both on and off the web. If you can’t find just the right club to fit your interest, consider starting your own in the coming year.

Let your Imagination Wander

None of these ideas interest you? Use your imagination to come up with one of your own.

Perhaps you want to read more about your collecting passion or learn about decorating with your collectibles. A visit to the local bookstore or a new magazine subscription can also be a super way to learn more about antiques and collectibles in throughout the New Year.

Maybe you’d like to plan a trip that’s an antiquing adventure, like a trip to one of the huge flea markets around the country. There are companies that specialize in this type of travel, both domestically and abroad. Ask your travel agent for more details. And many states, Louisiana and Maine just to name two, have antiquing trails you can follow as you tour the area.

It’s up to you and the sky’s the limit. So think about it, as a collector, what would you like to accomplish in the coming year?

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