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Antique Jewelry
Guide picks
Learn all about antique jewelry from hairwork to painted porcelain.

The Ageless Look of Scottish Agate
Learn about the history, beauty and symbolism incorporated into Scottish agate jewelry.

American Gypsy Jewelry
An Antiques Roadshow feature on this unusual and hard-to-find genuine gold jewelry.

Antique Enamels: Painting in Glass
Illustrated guide to enamel jewelry decor including cloisonné, guilloché and plique-à-jour.

Bohemian Garnets Seduce with Light-Catching Color
A brief but informative article on the beauty of Bohemian garnets.

Buying Antique Jewelry: Don't Be Bedazzled
Tips from the Antiques Roadshow on assessing the condition of antique jewelry.

Collecting Cameos: Ancient Beauties
This Antiques Roadshow tip offers information on what you need to know before buying a cameo for your jewelry collection.

Daniel Low & Co. Catalog - Jewelry in 1901
Take a look at this amazing fine jewelry catalog dating from 1901. Helpful for dating many dainty brooches and buckles fashioned from karat gold and sterling.

Dictionary of Antique and Estate Jewelry
A very useful list of terms commonly used to describe the styles and components used in fashioning period jewelry.

Gazing into Lover's Eyes
An Antiques Roadshow "tip of the trade" looking at a popular form of late 18th century jewelry featuring very mysterious illustrations.

Hairwork Books and Supplies
Resources for those interested in jewelry crafted from human hair. Also, supplies for crafters interested in trying their hand at this technique.

Hairwork Jewelry Worn to Mourn the Dead
An insightful article on this sentimental form of mourning jewelry popular with collectors.

J. R. Wood & Sons Jewelry Catalog
One of the best ways to learn about jewelry styles and dating is referring to the original catalogs produced by early jewelry companies. This online presentation features the wares of J.R. Wood & Sons during the early 1900s.

Keep It Together with Antique Ring Brooches
Long before buttons and zippers were employed, a form of adornment helped fashionably dressed men and women actually stay dressed. Learn more about these interesting collectibles here.

Remembering a Loved One
Information on mourning and hairwork jewelry from the Hairwork Site.

Romantic Period Jewelry Sets the Mood for Collecting
When the young Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in 1837 the romantic period began. Learn more about the associated jewelry through this Collecting Channel feature.

Sears 1897 Catalogue
This online article is filled with pages from an 1897 Sears catalogue along with examples of the vintage jewelry shown on the pages. Vintage photographs showing real folk wearing similar pieces adds a charming touch.

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