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Tansu Know Your Antique Japanese Furniture - A Guide to Tansu ...
Any antique-furniture lover who believes in form following function can't help but appreciate Japanese tansu. Meant to be moved, these ingenious storage ...
Japanned Antique Furniture - How To Identify Japanned ... - Antiques
This article describes how japanned furniture developed and gives several unique ... Since the sap used to make lacquer, from the Japanese lac or sumac tree, ...
Byobu Japanese Screen - What Is a Byobu Japanese Screen in ...
Byobu, Japanese folding screens, are both pieces of furniture and works of art. This glossary-style article defines and illustrates the byobu, an ancient Japanese  ...
Japanese Furniture - Japan Travel - About.com
Describes about Japanese furniture. ... Traditional Japanese furnitures are usually placed in Japanese-style rooms (washitsu). Tatami: Tatami mats are basically ...
Japanese Furniture pictures - Japan Travel - About.com
Traditional Japanese furniture is usually placed in Japanese-style room called washitsu. These are pictures of some Japanese-style furnitures.
Japanese Furniture pictures - Japan Travel - About.com
Japanese furniture picture. ... Japanese Furniture Pictures. Traditional Japanese- style Room - Photo (c) Shizuko Mishima. Traditional Japanese-style Room.
Japanese Language Vocabulary - Rooms
Learn basic Japanese language vocabulary for rooms with audio files. ... Furniture ... New posts to the Japanese Language forums: causative · Sentences  ...
Matsuoka-Profile of Japanese Furniture Company Matsuoka
Rare materials and expert craftsmanship combine for time-honored furniture designs. ... The company is also adept at taking its archival Japanese motifs and  ...
Introduction to Japanese Futon - Japan Travel - About.com
Futon are traditional Japanese beddings. Although many people in Japan sleep on beds in these days, it is still common to sleep on futon spread on the floor.
Japanese irori hearth picure - Japan Travel - About.com
Japanese Furniture Pictures. Irori Hearth - Photo (c) Shizuko Mishima. Irori . Photo (c) Shizuko Mishima. Irori are traditional Japanese hearth in the floor.
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