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Tansu Know Your Antique Japanese Furniture - A Guide to Tansu ...
Any antique-furniture lover who believes in form following function can't help but appreciate Japanese tansu. Meant to be moved, these ingenious storage ...
Japanned Antique Furniture - How To Identify Japanned ... - Antiques
This article describes how japanned furniture developed and gives several unique ... Since the sap used to make lacquer, from the Japanese lac or sumac tree, ...
Asian Antiques & Furniture - About.com
Byobu, Japanese folding screens, are both pieces of furniture and works of art. This glossary-style article defines and illustrates the byobu, an ancient Japanese  ...
Japanese Furniture - Japan Travel - About.com
Japanese furnitures include tatami mats, fusuma doors (sliding paper door), shoji screens (sliding paper screen), tansu, Japanese low-tables, and so on.
Japanese Furniture pictures - Japan Travel - About.com
Traditional Japanese furniture is usually placed in Japanese-style room called washitsu. These are pictures of some Japanese-style furnitures. Images 1-8 of 8.
Guide to Japanese Furniture - Japanese Furniture Links
Japanese Furniture - Japanese interior - Japanese rooms. Introduction to Japanese furnitures and Japanese interiors - includes tatami mats and tansu.
Japanese furniture tatami mats pictures - Japan Travel - About.com
Japanese furniture tatami mats picture. Page 3. ... Japanese Futniture Pictures. By Shizuko Mishima ... Introduction to Japanese Furniture. Related Articles.
Japanese Furniture pictures - Japan Travel - About.com
Traditional Japanese-style Room. Japanese Furniture Pictures. By Shizuko Mishima. Traditional Japanese-style Room. Photo (c) Shizuko Mishima ...
Japanese Language Vocabulary - Rooms
Learn basic Japanese language vocabulary for rooms with audio files. ... Furniture ... New posts to the Japanese Language forums: causative · Sentences  ...
Matsuoka-Profile of Japanese Furniture Company Matsuoka
Rare materials and expert craftsmanship combine for time-honored furniture designs.
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