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Collecting Limoges Porcelain - Antiques - About.com
Limoges porcelain is ever-popular with collectors, but many people don't realize that Limoges is a region in France rather than the name of a single factory.
Limoges Porcelain Price Guide - Antiques - About.com
Wondering how much your Limoges porcelain might be worth? Take a look at these pieces with selling prices to get an idea of the value.
L.R.L. Limoges Mark - Mark for Porcelain Decorated by Lazeyras ...
Wondering which porcelain decorating factory used the L.R.L. Limoges France mark? Find our more here. Page 28.
Limoges Porcelain Boxes - Collectibles - About.com
Mention a Limoges porcelain box and almost everyone knows what you are talking about. But did you realize Limoges porcelain can encompass any number of ...
Coiffe Limoges France Star Mark - Maker's Mark Used on Porcelain ...
Have you ever found a star mark with the word Limoges within the seven points? See if it's the Coiffe mark here. Page 13.
Elite France Limoges Mark - White Ware Mark Elite France Found on ...
Wondering which company produced porcelain marked.
Limoges France Arrow Laviolette Mark - Porcelain Mark ... - Antiques
Have you ever run across porcelain marked with Limoges France with an arrow between the words? Find out which company used this mark here. Page 26.
T&V Limoges France Mark - T.V. aka T & V Tressemann & Vogt
Some references show Tressemanes spelling vs. Tressemann. (References: Kovels' New Dictionary of Marks, Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain)  ...
W.G. & Co. Limoges France - Antiques - About.com
Wondering about the porcelain mark W.G. & Co.? Find out which manufacturer used this mark here. Page 53.
Elite S.M. Limoges France Mark - Bawo & Dotter Elite Works ...
Ever wonder which decorating company used the Elite S.M. Limoges France mark? ... Limoges - Collecting Limoges Porcelain - Learning More About Limoges ...
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