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Aurene by Steuben Glass Works - A Rival to Tiffany's Favrile - Antiques
Aurene by Steuben Glass Works was an alternative to Tiffany's Favrile iridescent glass when it was first sold in the early 1900s. See an example here.
Morse Museum of American Art - Tiffany Leaded Glass and Other ...
Shown here is a trio of leaded glass windows designed by Tiffany. A great number of other leaded glass windows are displayed throughout the museum ...
Louis Comfort Tiffany - A Brief Introduction to the Life and Art This ...
His business at the time, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, produced a variety of objects ranging from his famed leaded-glass windows to all kinds of ...
Tiffany Museum - The Morse Museum of American Art - Orlando
Tiffany's Long Island estate, Laurelton Hall, with almost 100 objects from the Tiffany mansion - including leaded-glass windows, blown glass and pottery and ...
Tiffany's Rare 1893 Chapel - Orlando - About.com
It was at the World's Columbian Exposition (also known as The Chicago World's Fair) that Louis Comfort Tiffany with his glass inlaid chapel, gained a reputation ...
The Lamps of Tiffany Exhibit - Huntsville, AL - About.com
In 1890, Tiffany began designing lamps. With the help of chemists, glass designers and craftsmen, Tiffany created stained glass in 5,000 different colors and ...
The Lamps of Tiffany Exhibit - Huntsville, AL - About.com
The earliest lamps had simple blown glass shades. Later more intricate leaded glass designs became Tiffany's signature style. The exhibit includes a display of ...
Tiffany Lamps at Morse Museum - Tiffany Dragonfly Leaded Glass ...
A museum exhibit devoted to Louis Comfort Tiffany would not be complete without leaded glass lamps.
Tiffany Chapel at the Morse Museum of American Art - Antiques
Various parts of the chapel, including the large cross-shaped “electrolier” filled with luminescent green Tiffany glass in the center of the main room and the ...
Tiffany Blown Glass - Antiques - About.com
Exhibits at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art include many pieces of Favrile glass created by Louis Comfort Tiffany.
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