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gondola chair


American late Classical carved mahogany gondola armchair

American late Classical carved mahogany gondola armchair with horsehair seat, New York, ca. 1845-55

-Neal Auction Co./www.prices4antiques.com

Definition: a type of chair with a concave or C-shaped back, with sides that slope continuously down towards the seat, and with splayed saber legs in back; though originally applied to side chairs with open backs, term now applies to any chair, open like a fauteuil or closed like a bergère (if there are arms, they too curve dramatically forward); the back is usually conical or circular, but can also be rectangular, albeit with rounded edges; developed in France circa 1760, the style is characteristic of Neo-Classical, Regency and Greek Revival styles of the late 18th century through the first quarter of the 19th century

Also Known As: tub chair, barrel chair

Example: With its sharp slope, the gondola chair in profile does somewhat resemble the prow of a gondola boat.

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