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English Regency méridienne, mahogany, ca. 1820

--Driscolls Antiques Ltd. (www.driscollsantiques.co.uk)

Definition: a type of daybed, a cross between a sofa and a chaise longue, characterized by a sloping back that runs along the length of the piece, connecting the high headrest and footrest (though some versions are open-ended); legs can vary in shape, but the headrest and footrest are typically scrolled or curved; developed in the early 1800s, it's associated with English Regency and late French Empire/early Restauration styles, though its popularity continued throughout the 19th century

Pronunciation: may-rid-ee-en

Also Known As: récamier (a variation), Grecian daybed, fainting couch

Example: With its scroll back and headrest and scroll-and-key marquetry, the 1820 méridienne had the Ancient Greek look so typical of Regency furniture.

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