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wingback chair

George II wingback chair, walnut with silk needlepoint upholstery, English or Irish, ca. 1727-60

-Heather & Company (www.heatherandcompanyantiques.com)

Definition: a type of upholstered easy chair, usually taller than it is wide, with two side panels or wings flanking the high back and closed panels under the arms, which are usually rolled; depending on the period, the legs can be straight, cabriole or (more rarely) turned, with correspondingly varied feet (pad and claw-and-ball being particularly common); though a precursor was known in France, the most familiar form developed in late 17th-century England (to protect sitters from drafts or an overly hot fire), flourishing there and in the U.S. for 200 years; especially associated with 18th-century styles, such as Queen Anne, Georgian, Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton

See also bergère.

Also Known As: wing chair, grandfather chair

Example: Plush and comfortable, the wingback chair is a characteristic fixture of old-fashioned men's clubs and libraries.

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