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The Hunzinger Lollipop Rocker


A Uniquely Carved Rocking Chair from the Victorian Era
Lollipop Rocker Made by George Hunzinger, ca. late 1800s

Lollipop Rocking Chair Made by George Hunzinger, ca. late 1800s

- Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions
George Hunzinger crafted furniture in New York beginning in the late 1800s with one of his earliest patents for an extension table dating to 1860. He patented and manufactured many Renaissance Revival styles during his career. "Although his work belongs in this category ... it stands alone as a category unto itself," according to RareVictorian.com. He is undoubtedly best known for his "lollipop" carving, which emulates a child's candy sucker.

Many of Hunzinger's rocking chairs were made with his elaborate lollipop carving along the backs and arms. These rockers were made in both platform and traditional styles (like the one shown here), and most of them had upholstered backs and seats. He also made non-rocking chair styles with lollipop carving, which are desirable to Victorian furniture collectors as well.

These unique chairs are usually marked with a Hunzinger label to identify them, sometimes hidden under the edge of the seat cushion. They can range in value from several hundred to several thousand at auction depending on the complexity of the style and the quality of the original finish and upholstery. It is unusual to find a Hunzinger chair with the original upholstery in good to excellent condition. Most of these cloth backs and seat cushions have been redone over time.

About the Example Shown Here:

The traditional rocking chair featured above is estimated to bring $400-600 at Morphy Auctions decorative arts sale in early November, 2012. The rocker is in excellent condition overall, but the upholstery is not believed to be original.

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