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Shows, Flea Markets, Shops and Articles on Buying Antiques

Discovering buying resources for antiques and collectibles
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Heritage Auction Galleries
One of the largest auctioneers in the country, Heritage Auction Galleries opened a New York City office in fall 2010. This article describes Heritage Auction Galleries, its locations and its strength in collectibles auctions.

Antiques-Related Shows and Events Calendar
A calendar of antiques-related shows and events where collectors can shop, learn, and admire a variety of antiques and collectibles.

Bargaining in Antique Shops
Wonder how to haggle for a better price in an antique store? Learn the tricks of the trade.

Buying on eBay - Points to Consider Before You Bid
From getting the best price to assessing reproductions, find out what you need to consider before you place a bid on eBay.

Haggling at Estate Sales
Can you expect a discount at an estate sale? Learn more about what to expect when haggling at estate sales.

Collecting with Children - A Little Collection Goes a Long Way
Collecting with children can be an enjoyable hobby. There are some things to be cautious about, however. Read this informative article for more information.

eBay Private Auctions - Protect Yourself When Bidding
Learn how to successfully bid on eBay, even though all auction listings on the site are now private auctions.

Fabulous Finds Still Thrill Collectors
A $30,000 fishing lure? A plate worth more than $16,000? A priceless brooch found in a basket of junk for $14? Yes, it can happen. Read all about these fabulous finds.

Five Great Things to Collect Under $10
Want to start a collection, but don't have lots of cash to spare? Here are five ideas for snagging antiques and collectibles on a budget!

Garage Sale Shopping - A Day in the Life of a "Saler"
What can you find at garage sales these days? While the good "finds" are few and far between, you might be surprised what turns up from time to time.

Five Great Things to Collect for $25 or Less
Bitten by the collecting bug but feeling a little thin in the wallet? No problem. For under $25 per piece you can amass an admirable collection!

How to Haggle for a Better Price in an Antique Mall
Wondering if you should dare ask for a better price in an antique mall? Find out what to expect here.

How to Haggle at Garage Sales
Find out how to haggle and bargain at garage sales to get the best prices on antiques and collectibles.

How to Haggle and Bargain at Flea Markets
How to Haggle at Flea Markets - Learning how to Haggle at Flea Markets

Negotiating Better Prices at Antique Shows
How to negotiate better prices at antique shows.

Reasons to Use a Sniping Service for Online Auctions
You've heard of sniping, but you can't figure out why you'd want to do it. And even moreso, it seems a little shady. Get over it! You'll win more and pay less by using an automated sniping service. Isn't that what it's all about?

Sleeper - What does it mean in the antiques world?
When an antiquer refers to a sleeper, she's not remarking about a flea market seller who's falling down on the job. Find out what it means to avid antique hunters.

Tips for Buying on eBay - Win More, Pay Less!
Curious about buying on eBay? Or, perhaps you've been buying there for a while, but aren't getting the results you'd like. Take a look at these five tips for buying on eBay from an antiques expert and respected author on the topic.

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