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Care and Repair of Antiques

All about caring for, cleaning and storing your antique and collectibles
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  3. Fine Art Care (2)
  4. Furniture (9)
  5. General Care of Antiques (7)
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  7. Pottery and Porcelain (6)
  8. Quilts and Textiles (5)
  9. Silver and Silverplate (7)

How to Clean and Season Cast Iron
Old cast iron can serve you well if properly cleaned and seasoned. Find out how to tackle the job.

Howard Leather Conditioner - How Well Does It WorK?
Is Howard Leather Condition right for your leather antiques? Read our full review to find out.

Resources for Vintage and Antique Replacement Parts
Need to find a replacement part for an antique restoration? Here's a list of resources to help you get started.

While you may not think of antiques when you think of recycling, antiquers...
Have you ever thought of antiquing as a form of recycling?

Protecting Your Collectible Treasures: Secrets of a Collecting Diva
Can you really use ordinary household products like vinegar, table salt and even vodka to care for your antiques and collectibles? Judith Katz-Schwartz says "Yes!" in her book "Preserving Your Collectible Treasures: Secrets of a Collecting Diva"

Tarnish Tamer - Tarnish Preventive
While they won't remove tarnish, these products so prevent it using patented advanced technology. Learn more about Tarnish Tamer and how the products work.

Find out what Rick Dale has to say about his background, what motivates him,...
When it comes to restoration, Rick Dale of History Channel's "American Restoration" is the master. Find out what he thinks about doing it yourself, his enthusiasm for his work, and his dream project here.

When Collections Become Burdensome Obsessions
If you've gone from being a collector to an obsessed accumulator, it's time to seek some help. Get of control collection and your life with these first steps.

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