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Advanced Tarnish Prevention Products Using Intercept Technology

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Tarnish Tamer Product Display

Tarnish Tamer Product Display

Tarnish Tamer products are based on a patented formula (Intercept Technology) scientifically proven to prevent tarnish build-up on silver jewelry, flatware, giftware, musical instruments, and on other metals including gold, copper, and brass. It is safe for use with both new items and antique or collectible pieces.

Products from the Tarnish Tamer line include anti-tarnish strips, drawstring pouches, silverware roll, jewelry roll, and a 15-inch by 15-inch zipper top bag for larger items. Prices range from $6.49 for a package of 10 tarnish strips to $29.99 for a two-piece jewelry roll set. Links to products offered for sale online and retailers carrying the products are shown on the company’s website (click on "Visit Their Website" linked above and below this article).

How is Tarnish Tamer Used?

Be sure to clean silver and other metal objects prior to using Tarnish Tamer products. These products don’t eliminate existing tarnish, but will inhibit new tarnish from forming. This is especially helpful with silver plated items, since repeated polishing will eventually remove the plating from an antique or collectible over time.

With that said, take care not to remove all the patina from older silver jewelry using products that strip away tarnish like dip and rinse cleaners. A polishing cloth works best in this instance. In fact, it always pays to evaluate the rarity and how cleaning an object might affect the value prior to cleaning a metal antique of any kind.

After items are cleaned as necessary and appropriate, dry and free of all fingerprints, cleaner deposits, etc., they are placed directly inside the Tarnish Tamer products. The larger zipper bag is designed to hold one larger item. The fabric drawstring pouches can accommodate one larger piece of jewelry, like a cuff bracelet, or several smaller pieces, and they close tightly when the strings are pulled firmly shut. The jewelry roll and silverware roll both hold multiple pieces.

Tarnish Tamer strips are actually placed inside jewelry cases (for items too large to fit in the drawstring pouches or groups of jewelry), storage bags and boxes, china cabinets, drawers, instrument cases, or any other contained areas where tarnish prone metals are stored. They can be cut to fit inside small boxes with individual pieces of jewelry.

How Long Does Tarnish Tamer Last?

Tarnish Tamer Silverware Plate Setting Roll

Tarnish Tamer Silverware Place Setting Roll

The cloth products - silverware rolls, jewelry rolls, larger bags and pouches - have a life of about five years once they are activated by use. The Tarnish Tamer strips should be replaced every year. Strips and pouches should also be stored in an airtight container once they are removed from their original package and can be stored for up to three years prior to use, according to product packaging.

How Does It Work?

These products use Intercept Techonology; the same process used to refurbish the State of Liberty. This technology was originally developed to protect valuable telecommunications equipment, according to the Tarnish Tamer website. While they do not clean tarnished metals, they do inhibit tarnish formation by absorbing harmful, tarnish-causing gases and neutralizing them as they develop over them over time.

Tarnish Tamer is clean and non-abrasive, and will not harm gemstones set in jewelry. It works independently of temperature and humidity, a major trigger in tarnish formation, making it suitable for all types of storage environments.

And because they contain no harmful chemicals, these products are considered non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They do not emit gases or leave deposits. Additionally, Tarnish Tamer strips are hypoallergenic and recyclable. In fact, once discarded they will eventually break down into polymer dust.

How Well Does Tarnish Tamer Work?

We began testing the Tarnish Tamer pouches and test strips in December, 2011 on several jewelry items and a sterling silver lighter that had been recently polished. As test results are available, this review will be updated to report the effectiveness and longevity of the products.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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