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Information Sought on Theft of Rare Antique Persian Rug

Owners Offer Rewards for Return of Stolen Silk Tabriz Carpet


Antique Silk Rug Stolen in New York

Antique Silk Rug stolen in New York - visit www.antiquesilkrug.com to view a larger image.

David Dilmaghani, co-Founder of Rug Rag (www.RugRag.com) , an informational website helping consumers learn more about Oriental rugs and carpets, is doing all he can to help spread the word about the theft of a rare and valuable Persian rug. In fact, he recently shared that in addition to the $25,000 reward originally offered for information leading to the recovery of the stolen property shown here, another $2,500 is being offered to anyone who passes the information along through social media or Web-based resources, if that action leads to recovery.

"An additional $2,500 total reward will be available for any social networking or Web promoted referrals. Specifically, any individual or website posting information which leads to, and is substantially credited for, successful recovery will be eligible to participate in this secondary reward," Dilmaghani shared via an email appeal.

You are encouraged to share a link to this article to promote awareness about this stolen property and to help aid in its recovery.

Details About the Stolen Carpet

The carpet dating to around 1850 was stolen from the original owners in suburban New York, according to Dilmaghani, who was approached by the theft victims to help aid in its recovery. "This was the only item stolen, and it was specifically targeted. There is reason to believe the carpet is still in existence and efforts to circulate this information is now timely."

Why such a hefty reward for this particular rug? Dilmaghani shared that the high reward is to encourage individual(s) with legitimate leads to report what they know. He notes that for the owners, recovery of the carpet will provide resolution and the return of an item with great sentimental value not to mention great worth.

"Fine silk Tabriz carpets such as this are highly collectible in pristine condition. There are few of this type of carpet in existence, and those which survive often obtain high premiums when in original condition and sold with legitimate provenance," reported Dilmanghani on a website dedicated to the recovery of the rug.

Known as the "Wedding Carpet", he also shared that this example features several attributes making it unusual and rare: 1. It is large in size, 146" x 103", while still relatively manageable as a show piece. 2. Among 19th century carpets, it is an exceptional example. 3. The carpet is quite fine, and features a consistent theme through its pictorial imagery. 4. Additionally, it is one of a kind, as uniquely identifiable as a fingerprint.

The most unique aspect of the rug is the illustration it imparts. Woven into the design are pictures telling the love story of Khosrow and Shirin, a Persian King and Armenian Princess. Each of the 13 panels in the field are elaborate and ornate, with specific symbolism surrounding the two lovers. The central focal point, a tree of life stemming from a decorative vase, connects each illustrated cartouche, according to information provided by Dilmanghani. "There are few carpets of this type and age which combine such a wide range and variety of imagery in such detail," he shared. "The carpet is also thin and fine in weave, with characteristics similar to a tapestry or fabric, but having a thin pile. The carpet is also pliable, with the ability to fold up similar to how a blanket may be stored."

Dilmanghani also reported that the theft of this precious rug, considered to be grand larceny, has been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and may be viewed in an online record of the National Stolen Art File .

What To Do If You Have Information About This Stolen Carpet

If you believe you’ve seen this rug being offered for sale or displayed, please visit www.antiquesilkrug.com to share this information so it may be passed on to the owners and the appropriate authorities.

You will also find more detailed information about the specific scenes depicted on the carpet in the description on this site.

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