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Flower Figurines and Other Floral Designs
Capodimonte Rose Made by Napoleon

Capodimonte Rose Made by Napoleon, Sold in 2012 by Barkus Farm Antiques for $175

Photo Courtesy of Barkus Farm Antiques (www.rubylane.com/shop/barkusfarm)
Capodimonte flowers were first produced in the era of Charels VII, King of Naples, supposedly due to his severe allergies to blooming plants. It’s more likely that other kings in Europe had set the popular style of decorating their palaces with porcelain flowers and he followed suit, according to Catherine P. Bloom in the book Capodimonte Collectibles.

The porcelain room at Portici, Charles VII’s royal palace, was filled with clusters of flowers and vines made in the Capodimonte Royal Factory. This remarkable room is now on display at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.

Exquisite collectible flowers handmade in the Capodimonte tradition by Napoleon, like the one shown here, are more likely to be found by collectors today. These have been made during the past several decades by a number of different companies and many of them mark their wares with a variation of the first crown and Neopolitan N mark used by the original Capodimonte factory. Some have foil labels with more identifying information such as a specific company name. Styles vary slightly from company to company with each having unique characteristics and some being more finely crafted than others. Value varies with the craftsmanship.

Larger baskets filled with flowers and lamps with floral motifs bearing variations of the Capodimonte logo were also produced during the 20th century by a number of different Italian companies along with the figurines shown on page 3 of this feature.

To view a jewelry casket made by Capodimonte around 1900, see page 6.

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