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Decorating with Antiques and Collectibles

You don't have to be a professional to decorate with antiques and collectibles
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Cheap Thrills: Treasure in the Trash
Can you really find collectible treasures in the trash? Don't brush off the notion of dumpster diving just yet. You'll be amazed by what people actually throw away!

Decorating Distinguished Through The Collector’s Eye
f you've accumulated a great collection of glass, pottery, china or any number of other decorative pieces but have no clue how to display them with personality and style, I've got just the book recommendation for you.

Extreme Loft Home
Although this extreme loft home is no longer decorated as shown here, it was once a real showplace for its former owners. Take a tour of this beautiful Taylor, Texas loft as it once appeared on HGTV's Extreme Homes.

Tips for Decorating with Antiques & Collectibles
Adding antiques to your decor offers a stylish, interesting, and often practical way to liven up a room. It can be affordable too when you shop wisely.

Vintage Hankie Transformations
With little or no sewing skill you can transform a vintage handkerchief into a special decorative item or gift for a friend.

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