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Model T Automobile in Extreme Loft Home

Model T Automobile in Extreme Loft Home

- Pamela Y. Wiggins
What kind of home can find a place for not one, but two Model-T automobiles in the living area? The place has to be extreme.

With an indoor aviary, five sitting areas, a media room and a 400 square-foot closet, not to mention the loaner cars, anyone who actually visited the loft formerly owned by Mike Bass and Eric Weinrich of Taylor, Texas can understand why it was a perfect fit for Home & Garden Television's Extreme Homes.

Getting the producers of the show to recognize this potential wasn't quite as easy. It took over a year to finally get the crew of Scott Craig Productions/Worldwide to Texas.

"They emailed, I called and then they sent pictures," said Cathy Fisher, associate producer.

Looking at pictures, however, didn't show the depth and details incorporated into the home. Both the producers and their crew had the same reaction most people do upon entering the loft's 7,000 square foot second floor.

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