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Depression Glass

Learning about depression glass

Depression Glass Learning and Research
Depression glass is more than just another collection. It provides an intriguing, interesting hobby rich with history, and it brightens the home along with the spirit. Use these resources to learn more about Depression-era glassware, including identifying patterns and researching values.

Delphite Definition
Would you know delphite glass if you saw it? Take a look at this illustrated definition.

Depression Glass - A Closer Look
Learn more about this colorful glassware and its history in a special feature from your guide.

Depression Glass Identification and Price Guide
An online guide to help you Identify and value your Depression glass pieces.

An Illustrated Guide To Help with Identification
A guide to help you identify Depression glass patterns.

Depression Glass Specialties Deepen a Collection
You don't have to collect an entire set of dishes to appreciate Depression glass. In fact, a collection of Depression glass specialties offer an opportunity to develop a rich collection that includes a variety of patterns and colors, the things collectors love about Depression glass the most.

Brighten a Room with Cobalt Blue
Learn more about an array of cobalt blue glassware, including reproductions, through this informative article.

Cameo by Hocking Glass
This phenomenally popular depression glass pattern is discussed in another justglass.com feature.

Depression Glass Patterns
Super online reference for collectors. Shows pattern name, manufacturer, and dates of production with a link to a picture for identification.

Glass Etch and Pattern Gallery
This site has lots of good learning resources for Depression glass collectors, but most importantly a great pattern gallery to help you ID your finds.

Jadite Reproduction Alert
A useful listing showing photographs of known reproduction jadite glass pieces.

Jeannette Glass Company
Background information on the manufacturer of popular Depression glass patterns Adam, Poinsettia, and Iris and Herringbone.

Introduction to Depression Glass
An overview article for beginning depression glass collectors from justglass.com.

Iris & Herringbone
A collector shares her experience collecting Iris glassware in this justglass.com article.

The Other Windsor!
Most depression glass collectors know Windsor as the pattern produced by Jeanette Glass Company, but Federal Glass Company had their own version. See what it looks like here.

Reproduction Alert
From JustGlass.com, check this list for reproduction information.

Royal Lace Pattern
Another extremely popular glassware pattern is examined and discussed in this justglass.com feature.

Sharon Pattern by Federal
Sharon, one of Federal Glass Company's most successful patterns, remains popular with collectors. Learn about its history and pieces that have been reproduced here.

Word Search Puzzle
Tarheel Depression Glass Club offers this fun puzzle featuring depression glass pattern names. See if you can find them all.

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