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hutch table

Connecticut River Valley hutch table, ca. 1780-1800

-Halsey Munson Americana (www.halseymunson.com)

Definition: an early form of tilt-top table, in which a square, box-shaped base has a hinged, disproportionately large top; this top can be swung back and locked upright, creating an armchair with a sizeable back (usually round, but could be square or other shapes, as in photo); often the chair base has a drawer or compartment - hence the name "hutch"; though dating from the Middle Ages, the form was perfected in the Jacobean era, and remained popular in England and America through the early 19th century


Also Known As: chair-table


Example: Most hutch tables are plain country pieces, so the antiques dealer was delighted to find one decorated with some delicate carving.

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