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A Regency rosewood teapoy, ca. 1801

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Definition: a type of small pedestal table equipped with a box attached to a tripod base. Usually the box was a tea caddy, used for storing loose tea; if it was flat-topped, the teapoy could also serve as a small tea table. Despite the teapoy's function, however, the name actually derives not from the word "tea" but from a Hindi/Persian phrase meaning "three-footed." Teapoys developed in mid-18th-century England, and many were actually made in British colonial India.

Teapoys continued to be popular into the mid-19th century, growing increasingly ornate. Over time, the term also came to mean any stand with box attached - even if it stood on four legs.

Pronunciation: tee-poy

Example: The antique dealer's mahogany teapoy was especially valuable, since it possessed both its original tea storage jars and its key to lock the caddy.

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