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trestle table


trestle table

Italian Renaissance trestle table, walnut, ca. 1550-1650

-Neal Auction Co./prices4antiques.com

Definition: one of the first types of European table, dating from the Middle Ages, consisting of a rectangular board placed atop two or more trestles; these usually consisted of vertical posts placed in the middle of horizontal pieces, forming the shape of a T, or they could take the shape of a V-shaped pair of legs, like a sawhorse; it remained the dominant form of dining table until the late 17th century, and continued popular in institutional and country furniture, and was revived by Arts and Crafts furniture-makers like Gustav Stickley around the turn of the 20th century

See also trestle foot

Also Known As: refectory table, kitchen table

Example: Although they began as simple, portable pieces, trestle tables often became quite solid and ornate during the Renaissance.

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