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Holiday Memories

Interesting resources related to holidays and holiday memorabilia

Easter Collectibles Price Guide
Wondering how much your old Easter collectibles are worth? Take a look at this price guide to get an idea.

Glass Christmas Ornaments - How Much are They Worth?

Heubach - Christmas Decor
Learn more about the tree ornaments and decorative objects made by Gebruder Heubach featuring their famed bisque porcelain faces.

Vintage Christmas Postcard Gallery
Vintage Christmas Postcard Gallery - View them for fun or use them for clipart.

New Year Vintage Postcards
Vintage New Year postcards offer a look back at how holiday celebrations have changed, and how they've remained the same.

Thanksgiving Postcard Gallery
Vintage Thanksgiving Postcards Greetings

Thanksgiving Candy Containers
While not as popular as Halloween and Christmas examples, Thanksgiving candy containers can be interesting and fun to collect.

Antique Holiday Books - Collecting the Little Joys of Christmas
Sometimes favorite collections can be simple and inexpensive. Read about your guide's collection of holiday themed books that recently expanded to include a beautiful vintage title.

Belsnickle Definition
Do you know what a belsnickle is? Find out the definition of belsnickle.

Celebrating Holidays with Antiques & Collectibles
Decorating, holiday customs and collectibles all with an antique and vintage twist.

Christmas Collectibles Price Guide
Christmas Collectibles Price and Value Guide

Collecting Christmas Magic All Year Long
Thinking Christmas all year long isn't easy for everyone. But when you do, some great bargains can be had on holiday collectibles.

Easter Collectibles Signal Springtime
Get ready for the Easter bunny with an article on the history of the holiday and colorful collectibles that harken springtime.

Frightening Prices for Halloween Collectibles
Read about a book from Krause Publications that can help you value all your wonderful Halloween collectibles.

Gifts for Collectors - Romancing the Collector
If your collecting sweetheart truly loves you, the same old gift will certainly suffice. But wouldn't it be nice to really wow them with a gift from the heart this year? It's not nearly as complicated as you might think, and it doesn't have to be costly either.

Ghostly Treasures in Your Home
You don't have to wait until the ghosts and goblins hit the streets to find out if some of your antiques might be holding a few spirits of their own. Read a few Tales of Ghostly Treasures and you might become a believer, too!

Halloween Collectibles - Happy Halloween!
Your guide shares some of her favorite Halloween memories and collectibles complete with a colorful photo. Scroll down past the article for a link to vintage Halloween greetings to share with all your best ghouls.

Halloween Collectibles Price Guide
Halloween Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide - Values for Halloween Antiques and Collectibles

"It's a Wonderful Life" for Illinois Collector
Richard Goodson has amassed a collction of more than 4,000 pieces of "It's a Wonderful Life" movie memorabilia. Learn about what motivates him and the value of these wonderful collectibles inspired by the film that touches hearts each holiday season.

"It's a Wonderful Life" Memorabilia Photo Gallery
If you're a fan of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," don't miss this fantastic collection of memorabilia pertaining to the film.

Patriotic Postcard Gallery
A gallery filled with postcard images to celebrate patriotic holidays.

Postcards for the Holidays
Do you love vintage holiday postcards? Or maybe you just want to learn more about them. If so, there's a new book out for collectors you definitely don't want to miss!

Romantic Customs for a Vintage Halloween Party
Incorporating romantic customs into a modern Halloween party can be interesting and fun. Check out these "vintage" party games and ideas.

Santa Postcard Collection
Vintage Santa Postcard Gallery - Victorian Postcards Featuring Santa Claus

Send a Vintage Postcard Online
It may be too late to get a holiday greeting card to your friends and loved ones by snail mail, but emailing a heartfelt remembrance will let them know you care. Or, ring in the New Year with a speical greeting instead. Here's a list of your guide's favorite sites for

Trim a Tree with Uncommon Ornaments
Using out of the ordinary objects, even collectibles, to decorate a Christmas tree can produce striking results.

Talking Turkey Collecting Style
While it's probably the most neglected of the major American holidays, even Thanksgiving can be celebrated with collectibles.

Valentine Cards - Remembering Romance
Nothing says "Be Mine" better than a vintage valentine card. Learn more about the history of valentines, their golden age and what's collectible today reading Remembering Romance with Vintage Valentines.

Vintage Halloween Collectibles
A review of the book: Vintage Halloween Collectible by Mark Ledenbach.

Valentine Postcard Gallery
Vintage Valentine Postcards - Early 1900s

Valentine's Day Postcards
Honeymoons/Romantic Getaways Guide Susan Breslow Sardone has some great vintage Valentine postcards available to send online.

Santa Claus Collectibles - Visions of Christmas Past
Learn about the history of Santa Claus and a number of collectibles that feature this familiar Christmas character.

A Visit to the Winchester Mystery House
Learn more about what makes Winchester Mystery House a great place to visit all year long, especially if you're into the supernatural.

Ways to Celebrate a Victorian Christmas
Sometimes we think about what life was like more than 100 years ago and think of simpler times. But when it came to Christmas, the Victorians really did it up right! Decorating, feasting and sharing songs, music and gifts with others were all the order of the day. So, if you really want to experience a Victorian Christmas, take these suggestions...

Antique Ornaments
A sampling of holiday ornaments available to collectors, old and new.

A Christmas Menagerie
Chirstmas and New Year paper greetings are shown here, including some unexpected examples.

The Comic Valentine
If traditional valentine sentiments aren't your cup of tea, take a look at these funny valentines of yesteryear.

Did a soda company mold Santa into the character we know and love today? Learn more here.

Easter and the Joy of Springtime
View a collection of Easter greetings and springtime scrap art.

Golden Glow of Christmas Past
If you collect anything Christmas related, this club's for you. Find out more about a bi-monthly newsletter and an annual convention here on the Golden Glow website.

Halloween and It's Memorabilia
"So, when did a lovely Celtic harvest festical cum Christian homage to the dearly departed become the rollicking excuse for the wild party we call Halloween?"

Halloween Collectibles and Their Prices
The Kovel's offer a good sampling of Halloween collectibles and how much they might be worth on an episode of their "Flea Market Finds" television show.

Holiday Decor Collections
The charm of Hubach figures and Dresden ornaments are illustrated in this HGTV feature.

Lace-Paper Valentines
Tokens of love were never sweeter. Take a look at a number of lace-paper valentines to get you in the mood for love.

Sailors' Valentines
These sentimental handcrafted favorites have dramatically increased in value during the past 20 years. Learn more through this Antiques Council article.

Santa Claus Collectibles
This Collectibles Treasures feature from HGTV offers beautiful pictures of a variety of older St. Nick items with brief descriptions.

A Victorian Christmas
Greetings, scrap art and other ephemera are combined to represent a glorious Victorian Christmas.

Vintage Plastic Halloween Toys
Wondering how much those cheap plastic Halloween toys from the 1950s and '60s are worth now? You might be surprised.

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