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Standing Turkey Candy Container
Thanksgiving Turkey 12

Thanksgiving Turkey 12" Candy Container

- Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions
Thanksgiving candy containers aren't nearly as prolific in the antiques marketplace as their Halloween and Christmas counterparts, yet they're generally more affordable. Why? Modern homes don't decorate for Thanksgiving with the same verve as they do for other holidays. So even though older Thanksgiving decor may be more rare, demand drives the prices of these collectibles.

Does this mean that all Thanksgiving candy containers are affordable? No. Those in rare shapes and substantial sizes are still prized by collectors. The container shown here is a prime example of rarity and value.

This 12" paper mache and composition turkey features glass eyes and metal legs. It is marked "Germany" on the neck and the cardboard base is dated 1935. The unusually large size, condition and marks all factor into the value of this piece, which sold for $1,610 (not including buyer's premium) at Morphy Auctions in 2010.

Similar birds in smaller sizes - usually measuring 7 1/2" or so - can be found auctioned online in the $300-800 price range depending on the condition.

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