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Vintage Fashion - Clothing and Accessories

Stylish items to compliment the wardrobe and dresser

Accessorize Your Reference Library
If vintage hats, handbags and shoes tickle your fancy, you'll want to know more about this reference book: Ladies Vintage Accessories.

Advantage Vintage: Stylish Accessories for Less
Shopping for vintage accessories can be stylish, but it can also mean saving lots of cash.

Button Collecting - Button Up a Nifty Collection
Have you ever wondered why anyone would pay money for old clothing buttons? Take a look at this article to find out why people love them and the surprising sums they can be worth.

Collecting Cosmetics - Paint a Vivid Picture
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... what's the most collectible cosmetic of all? Get a clue about what's collectible in vintage cosmetics and hear some horrific beauty tales from the past.

Enid Collins Handbags
Enid Collins purses weren't always in demand, but 21st century collectors avidly seek them today. Learn about how to identify and value Collins handbags.

Evening in Paris
Learn what collectors look for in Evening in Paris cobalt blue perfume bottles and collectibles, and how much they might be worth.

Fashion in 1904
Scans of fashionable clothing and accessories popular in 1904 from a vintage edition of Ladies Home Journal.

The Language of Clothing
A visit to the Dewitt-Walace Decorative Arts Museum in Colonial Williamsburg is a sensual delight, especially the Language of Clothing exhibit. Read more about it here.

Miniature Perfume Bottles - Affordable Collectibles
Consider miniature perfume bottles for an affordable collecting with lots of options.

Minaudière Evening Bag
Don't smile when you read about the minaudière, whose name derives from the French word "to smirk." This glossary-style, illustrated article defines the minaudière, an object that bridges the gap between accessory and jewelry. See pictures of a vintage minaudière, designed by the firm that invented it, Van Cleef & Arpels.

A nécessaire was necessary if you were an on-the-go aristocrat in the 18th-20th centuries. This glossary-style article explains what a nécessaire was, with numerous photos to illustrate how precious these objets were.

Packaging Vintage Textiles and Clothing for Safe Shipping
Shipping antique clothing and vintage textiles is a cinch with these suggestions for save packaging.

Plastic Purses - Vintage Mid-Century Style
Vintage goes full tilt when it comes to funky and fashionable mid-century handbags made of plastics.

Shoe Styles Through the Decades
Whether you're a true shoe collector, vintage clothing enthusiast, or into historical reenactment (for Halloween or otherwise!), you'll enjoy this parade of footwear styles as seen through old magazine advertisements.

Sonia Delaunay - Who Was Sonia Delaunay?
A brief biography of artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979). Sonia Delaunay was a true Renaissance artist, whose work made no distinction between fine, decorative and industrial arts. This article concentrates on the textile and fashion designs of artist Sonia Delaunay.

Tomei and Alba Wear Fine Vintage Jewelry to Costume Institute Gala
Marisa Tomei and Jessica Alba Wear Fine Vintage Jewelry to Costume Institute Gala - Vintage Jewelry and Clothing Worn by Marisa Tomio and Jessica Alba to the Costume Institute Gala

Vintage Purses - Give 'Em a Hand
Purses were used by both men and women in medieval times, but today collecting them is by and large a ladies proposition. Learn about a number of styles of highly collectible handbags and how much they're worth.

Vintage Footwear - If the Shoe Fits
Can old shoes really be valuable collectibles? You bet! Learn more about what's collected and who collects them.

Vintage Compacts Mirror the Past
From a bygone era, vintage powder compacts reflect the days when men were men and ladies turned powdering noses into an artform. Read more about these nostalgic collectibles in an article from your guide.

Whiting & Davis
Whiting & Davis has a reputation for their vintage metal mesh purses, but the company didn't start out making handbags nor was Charles Whiting among the original founders. Learn more about the history of this intriguing company and the handbags they're so famous for manufacturing.

Whiting & Davis: More Than A Pretty Purse
Whiting & Davis is best known for making handbags, but their famed metal mesh has been used in jewelry, clothing and safety equipment manufacture, too.

Antique Lace
A look at the romantic use of lace and its manufacture in an article from TIAS.

Auctioning a Queen's Wardrobe
What did H.M. Queen Alexandra's wardrobe sell for in 1937? Take a look at this illustrated 1937 auction catalog for the answers and a visual treat.

Corsets from Lord & Taylor Catalog
Not only did Lord & Taylor exist in 1881, the popular store marketed corsets by the number. Take a look at the wares here.

Daniel Low & Co. Catalog - Sterling Items from 1901
This beautiful online display from Morning Glory Antiques provides a glimpse of sterling silver ladies accessory items available wholesale in 1901.

Dawn's Costume Guide
Learn to make your own bodice, tunics, and other historical costumes with easy instructions from Dawn.

Dressing the Victorian Lady
An interesting and informative step-by-step guide detailing the layers of clothing donned by Victorian women.

Hatpin Collector's Website
A special site featuring collectors of antique hatpins.

Hattie Carnegie - The Designer
A "fan" site providing lots of interesting information on fashion designer Hatte Carnegie.

Language of the Fan
An interesting link to learn about the language imposed by holding a handfan a certain way. For instance, a fan placed near the heart signifies: "You have won my love."

Lavolta Press
A resource site for information on historic costuming. They also buy pre-1930s sewing patterns and magazines containing patterns.

The Natural Waist and Large Sleeves
A look at this popular style in women's fashion commonly seen in 1825-1840.

Victorian Bridal Gowns
Some of the photos are better than others, but they all offer a beautiful glimpse at wedding attire of the past.

Passion for Perfume
Feel the passion for antique and collectible perfume bottles through this great site from collector Janice Holt.

Victorian Bridal Gowns
A look at bridal attire from the 1860s through the 1880s with images from vintage editions of Harper's Bazaar.

Victorian Millinery's Originals for Study
From fashion plates to photographs of undergarments, this site offers a wealth of information for those researching period clothing and accessories.

Vintage Clothing as an Investment
A beautifully illustrated article defining the elements of what makes a piece of vintage clothing become a collectible investment.

Vintage Scrapbook
Collectors model some of their vintage finery in this superb special feature from A Victorian Elegance.

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