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Colored Antique Glass - What Gave It Those Beautiful Hues?


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How Amethyst Glass Got Its Color
Set of Amethyst Glass Apothecary Jars

Set of amethyst glass apothecary jars, possibly made by L.E. Smith, sold for $1,800 at Morhpy Auctions in October, 2011

- Morphy Auctions
Amethyst, or purple, glass was given its color by adding manganese oxide to a molten glass mixture of sand, potash and lime.

Amethyst glass should not be confused with clear antique glass that has changed color due to sun exposure. This type of glass has actually been damaged by sitting in the sun and has a different hue, almost violet in nature, when compared to the rich plum color of glass made with manganese oxide.

It's also wise to note that "sun purple" glass has been artificially produced by some unscrupulous sellers who expose antique clear glass pieces to ultraviolet light in order to change the color.

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