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Marks & Signatures on Antiques and Collectibles

A resource for identifying marks on antiques and collectibles

CHANEL Costume Jewelry Marks
Learn how to decipher Chanel marks and signatures to date this company's jewelry.

Geschutzt Mark on German Antiques
Geschutzt is derived from German and often found on German antiques. Do you know what it means?

Glassware Marks & Signatures
Need help identifying a maker's mark on a piece of old glassware? This illustrated gallery is a great point of departure.

Pottery and Porcelain Marks
Identify your pottery and porcelain pieces with this illustrated marks gallery researched and compiled by your guide.

Nickel Silver, German Silver and Alpaca - What Do These Marks Mean?
Don't be fooled by false forms of silver. Find out what they really are here.

Rookwood Pottery Artist Signatures
Rookwood Pottery Artists Signatures - Marks Used by Various Artists Who Decorated on Rookwood Pottery

Royal Vienna - Understanding the Beehive Mark
Were you aware that the Royal Vienna beehive mark isn't really a beehive?

Silver and Silverplate: Best Resources for Researching Marks Online
You can't pore over auction records and price guides for values if you don’t know exactly what you have and who made it. The Internet offers a wealth of information on sterling silver and silverplated wares. Here are some of the best spots online you assist you in researching silver origins, craftsmen and manufacturer's.

American Microscope Makers of the 19th Century
This site includes a fairly comprehensive list of early microscope manufacturers including photographs and specifications where available.

Artnet.com - The Art World Online
Another excellent site for researching artists and artwork mediums of all types including paintings. A good place to learn about art in general as well.

A great site for researching artists and artwork including paintings.

Cabinetmakers Database
Trying to research an American furniture manufacturer? Try this useful database for more than 36,000 records searchable by maker name, state, and form of cabinetry or trade. You'll have to register and pay a yearly fee for this one, but it's worth the effort if you're serious about furniture.

Capodimonte Porcelain Logo and Marks
Frequently used marks on Capodimonte Italian porcelain.

Carnival Glass Maker's Marks
Great photos on this site illustrate the most frequently seen carnival glass maker's marks.

Chinese Character Chart
Don't despair when you discover a piece of jewelry decorated with a Chinese character. Use this handy chart to decipher the meaning instead.

Clarice Cliff Backstamps
From the Clarice Cliff Collectors website, a list of marks found on this type designer pottery.

Copper and Brass Marks
An extensive list of marks found on old copper and brass wares from www.oldcopper.org.

Costume Jewelry Marks and Designers
Trying to identify a maker's mark on a piece of costume jewelry? Look no more. This comprehensive list, with applicable dating where available, will prove to be a superb research tool.

Dictionary of Glass Marks
This dictionary of glass marks doesn't provide more than the name of the company, but it's a good place to begin researching obscure glass marks.

Franciscan Marks
This rendering of a 1962 brochure on Franciscan marks can be most helpful with dating. Even though it is somewhat hard to read, it's still an excellent resource from the Official Franciscan Collectors Web Site.

Hall China Backstamps
From the Hall China Collectors Webpage, some of the most common Hall marks.

Hummel Trademarks
A useful guide to help you identify and date Hummel figurines.

Japanese Porcelain Marks
An excellent illustrated reference for identifying Japanese porcelain.

McCoy Pottery Marks
From About.com's Collectibles Guide Barbara Crews, a pictorial introduction to McCoy Pottery marks.

Mettlach Marks
From Stein Collectors International, a good representation of the marks found on stoneware manufactured by the Mettlach factory of Villeroy and Boch.

Minton China Marks
A useful resource for dating often-confused wares.

Newcomb Pottery Marks
A good overview of the markings used on wares produced by Newcomb College potters.

Nippon Backstamps: Old & New Comparison
The reproduction Nippon mark has been perfected so that it can fool even seasoned shoppers. See a comparison of new with old, and learn other features of genuine Nippon porcelain.

Pickard China Marks
From the Pickard Collectors Club, a list of marks ranging from the earliest paper labels to stamps being used by the company today.

Porcelain, Pottery, China and Dinnerware Marks
Lots of good information resides in this links reference to help you identify and date all types of porcelain, pottery, china and dinnerware.

Porcelain Marks & More
This site provides a useful resource for researching German porcelain makers.

Pottery and Porcelain Marks
Marks for Meissen, Worchester, Minton and Limoges wares.

Quimper Pottery Marks
A great reference with many of the different marks found on Quimper pottery and associated dating.

Roseville Genuine and Fake Marks
A great reference that shows both genuine and known fake Roseville marks for comparison.

Silver Hallmark Basics
A great reference guide for an overview of British, French and Mexican silver hallmarks.

Silver - Identifying English, Irish and Scottish Silver
Learn more about these beautifully detailed European silver items.

Silver Marks: American
An online encyclopedia including the marks and makers information for over 130 manufacturers of sterling, coin silver and silver plate with great illustrations.

Silver Marks Encyclopedia
This site offering more than 1,000 marks provides an excellent place to begin your silver research.

Silver Marks: English Silver Hallmarks
This extensive list, which includes dating information, will guide you through the vast world of English silver hallmarks.

Stoke-on-Trent / North Staffordshire Pottery Marks
A fantastic guide to identifying makers of pottery made in the Stoke-on-Trent region of England.

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