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Rookwood Pottery Price Guide

A Guide to Help You Identify and Value Rookwood Pottery


Rookwood Pottery ranges in value from hundreds per piece to thousand. The price is often determined by the artist's cipher found on each piece when present. These marks were used on Rookwood's desirable hand decorated wares, but will not be found on the company's monotone pastel production lines.

Kataro Shirayamadani, a skilled ceramics artisan, began decorating pottery for Rookwood in 1887. His work represents some of the company's most valuable pieces. A piece decorated by Shirayamadani sold at Cincinnati Art Galleries in 2004 for $350,750. Although valuable, most Rookwood pieces will not bring anywhere close to this figure at auction.

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Rookwood Iris Glazed Mushroom VaseRookwood Iris Glazed Mushroom Vase by Carl SchmidtRookwood Scenic Vellum VaseRookwood Scenic Vellum Vase by Ed DiersRookwood Vellum Floral Vase By Artist Sara SaxRookwood Vellum Rose Vase by Sara SaxRookwood Blue Faience TileRookwood Blue Faience Tile in Arts & Crafts Frame
Rookwood Flower Pot Faience TileRookwood Faience Tile with Flower Pot MotifRookwood Faience Rondel Ship Scene TileRookwood Faience Rondel Ship Scene TileRookwood Faience TileRookwood Faience TileRookwood Brown Handled Vase
Rookwood Vase with Leaf DecorRookwood Handled Jug with Bird DecorRookwood Pastel Floral Design VaseRookwood Small Art Pottery Vase
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