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Hubley Cast Iron Toys, Doorstops and Other Collectibles


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Hubley Cast Iron Doorstops
Hubley Cast Iron Toys, Doorstops and Other Collectibles

Hubley Cast Iron Fox Terrier Dog Doorstop

- Morphy Auctions
While Hubley may be best known for toys, the company also produced a vast array of hand-painted doorstops. This includes a number depicting various dog breeds, which continue to be some of the most popular with collectors. Other motifs include flower baskets, people, ships, cottages and other animals. Some doorstops, usually those with a curved casting, were marked “HUBLEY.” Others have a number incised in the iron, which is common with flower baskets, but a number can be found unmarked as well.

John Wright bought the old Hubley doorstop molds and began his replicating these styles in the early 1940s. These newer issues of Hubley styles are marked with an embossed rectangle. A number of modern reproductions mimicking older doorstop styles have also been introduced into the secondary marketplace, and some of them are chipped and rusted purposely to look old. According to marking information provided on doorstops.com, any doorstop marked with “CN” is a reproduction.

The oversized cast iron Fox Terrier doorstop (#381) depicted here sold for $1,840 at Morphy Auctions in December 2008. The outstanding condition of this example helped boost the value above auction estimates.

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