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Roseville Pottery Price Guide

A Guide to Help You Identify and Value Roseville Pottery


The Roseville Pottery Company began producing utility lines more than 100 years ago in Roseville, Ohio. In 1898 the company moved to modern facilities in Zanesville, and entered the art pottery market in the early 1900s to compete with manufacturers such as Rookwood Pottery.

Roseville’s first art line, Rozane, concentrated on darker backgrounds with painted artwork featuring portraits, nature scenes, florals and animals, all popular themes incorporated into early 20th century pottery.

Some of the subsequent Roseville lines emulated low relief pottery of the ancient Egyptians and the high-gloss deep red vessels of the Chinese. Later patterns, decorated with designs inspired by nature, are more commonly found by collectors today.

The Rozane marks were the earliest used by Roseville. Other marks include the early RV ink stamp and the more common Roseville U.S.A.

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Roseville Pottery Clematis Lidded JarRoseville Clematis Lidded JarRoseville Pottery Waterlily PitcherRoseville Waterlily PitcherRoseville Pottery Futura "Rocket Ship" VaseRoseville Pottery Futura "Rocket Ship" VaseRoseville Pottery Pinecone VaseRoseville Pinecone Vase
Roseville Pottery Morning Glory VaseRoseville Morning Glory VaseRoseville Blackberry VaseRoseville Blackberry VaseRoseville Tourist Pattern BowlRoseville Tourist Pattern BowlRoseville Pottery Tourist Pattern Umbrella StandRoseville Pottery Tourist Pattern Umbrella Stand
Roseville Pottery Tourist Pattern JardiniereRoseville Pottery Tourist Pattern JardiniereRoseville Futura Seagull VaseRoseville Futura Seagull VaseRoseville Imperial II VaseRoseville Imperial II VaseRoseville Bonita Jardiniere & PedestalRoseville Bonita Jardiniere & Pedestal
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