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The Popular Deldare Lines and Related Wares
Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware Centerpiece Bowl

Buffalo Pottery Deldare Ware Centerpiece Bowl, Ca. 1908-09, Sold for $1,020 at Morphy Auctions in October, 2011

Photo Courtesy of Morphy Auctions
Buffalo’s most famous art pottery line by far, introduced by the first company manager Louis H. Bown, is Deldare with themes reflecting the literature, art and village life of period England. The first line produced only from 1908 to 1909 features hand painted scenes from Cecil Aldin’s Fallowfield Hunt or English village scenes on olive green semi-vitreous china, according to an article by Harry Rinker republished online. While more ordinary tableware pieces like plates and mugs can be found in the $25-100 range, especially in the online auction arena, serving and display pieces sell in the hundreds with some topping the $1,000 mark (like the one shown here) in spite of Rinker's assessment that Deldare's popularity has waned with collectors in his 2004 article on the topic.

Scenes from William Combe’s The Three Tours of Dr. Syntax illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson were reproduced on a line called Emerald Deldare in 1911. These humorous pieces are harder to find than the earlier Fallowfield examples and can be quite expensive. Expect a rare humidor in this pattern to sell for more than $1,500 online, and perhaps more at an East Coast antique show where Buffalo Pottery is in demand.

In 1912, the Albino line was introduced on Deldare blanks. These featured finely painted scenes of sailboats, windmills or the sea. They were mainly rust in color and all Albino pieces were signed and numbered by the artist creating each particular scene, as were Deldare and Emerald Deldare pieces. Albino pieces are even harder to find, and most sell for hundreds if not thousands when they come on the market today.

To learn about Buffalo Pottery after 1915 and the company's marks, see page 3.

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