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Silver and Silverplate

Silver and silverplate care and repair resources

Silver Care, Storage and Display
Silver care, storage and display can be a snap with these helpful hints.

Caring for Silver
Learn about the different types of silver cleaners and how well they work to care for your collectible silver.

Complete Guide to Silver Care
The Society of American Silversmiths provides this useful guide to cleaning, polishing and storing silver.

Polishing Your Precious Metals
Tips for cleaning metals, specifically silver, from the experts at Antiques Roadshow.

Replacements, Ltd. Silver Repair
This popular name in the china matching business now offers silver repair. See how their "expert silversmiths" can give items new life.

Silver Collection Care
Cleaning and caring for silver with tips from Country Living.

Silver Restoration and Conservation
Removing monograms, leveling hinged lids and re-threading candlesticks are all discussed here.

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