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An Identification and Value Guide


Cast iron mechanical banks have been popular with collectors for decades, and the prices prove it. It's rare to find an authentic mechanical bank for less than a few hundred dollars these days, and most of them top $1,000 when sold at auction. Some of the rarest and most desirable sell for well over $10,000 and a few even top $100,000.

Even banks with paint wear can be valuable, and the paint should never be touched up on these pieces. Collectors value original condition. Banks should be in good working order to bring high values as well.

All the banks featured in this price guide brought in $10,000 or more at various Morphy Auctions. Click on the thumbnail photos below to see details and selling prices for each bank.

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Cast Iron Butting Buffalo Mechanical BankCast Iron Stump Speaker Mechanical BankCast Iron Hold The Fort Mechanical BankCast Iron Organ Grinder & Bear Mechanical Bank
Cast Iron Roller Skating Mechanical BankCast Iron Confectionary Mechanical BankCast Iron Uncle Sam Mechanical BankCast Iron Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank Cast Iron Girl Skipping Rope Mechanical Bank
Cast Iron Lion Hunter Mechanical Bank Cast Iron Magician Mechanical Bank with Original Wooden BoxCast Iron Mason Mechanical Bank
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