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An Introduction to Gebruder Heubach
Heubach Character Baby Doll

Heubach Character Baby Doll

- Morphy Auctions (www.morphyauctions.com)
When collectors and sellers simply reference the name “Heubach,” they most often mean the work of Gebruder Heubach.

Beginning in 1843, brothers Georg Christoph Heubach and Philipp Jakob Heubach purchased a porcelain factory in Lichte, Thuringia, Germany and set up shop making household pottery, figurines, and novelties, according to the Illinois State Museum website. The company operated through the 1920s.

In the early 1900s, Heubach began manufacturing doll heads and small bisque dolls designed for doll houses. These were formed by skilled artisans trained as sculptors at a special school established in Lichten. While their wares were marketed to average buyers rather than the affluent, the products of Gebruder Heubach were of high quality in terms of artistry making them desirable with collectors today.

Gebruder Heubach’s baby dolls should not be confused with those marked Heubach Koppelsdorf. This mark indicates a doll made by Ernst Heubach, according to Kovels.com, another German manufacturer of what collectors refer to as “dolly-faced” dolls although they did make other more rare doll examples as well. Dolly-faced dolls have a much more traditional doll look to the faces compared to most of those produced by Gebruder Heubach and they are generally far more common.

Like the baby doll shown here, most Gebruder Heubach dolls have realistic facial expressions. These are a type of “character” doll.

Learn more about Heubach’s character dolls on page 2.

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