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Sautoir, silver and black beads, probably French, ca. 1925

Sautoir, silver and black beads, probably French, ca. 1925

© Photo courtesy of The Three Graces (Georgianjewelry.com)

Definition: a very long chain or beaded necklace, often terminating in tassels dangling from each end or sometimes a single, detachable pendant (similar to a lavalier, but much longer and more substantial); originally developed around the turn of the 19th century, in imitation of military braids or chains, it's frequently looped around the neck and worn scarflike over one shoulder or down the back; experienced a revival in the early 1900s, and continued in popularity through the 1920s with "flapper" necklaces; CHANEL is well known for modern renditions of this style including long strands of pearls (see more images) and "chicklet" necklaces featuring unfoiled rhinestones linked together in a chainline fashion

Pronunciation: so-twore

Also Known As: tassel necklace

Example: At the 2010 annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Kate Hudson wore a Cartier sautoir dangling down her back, just as fashionable flappers did in the 1920s to accentuate their low-cut evening gowns.

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