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Stones in Costume Jewelry

Learn to identify stones to research, value and catalog collections


Juliana (DeLizza & Elster) "Cat's Eye" Foiled Cabochon

Photo by Jay B. Siegel

Correctly identifying the types of stones used in vintage costume jewelry can help you more easily research, value and catalog your collections. Sellers can also market their jewelry more effectively using terms recognized by collectors. In turn, buyers can more readily find these items when searching online if familiar terminology is used, which benefits both sellers and the collectors seeking vintage pieces.

Click on the name below for a definition and illustration of each type of stone:

Note that some of these are nicknames collectors have given stones over time and sellers of replacement stones may describe their wares based on what's listed on vintage packaging rather than using these more casual monikers. Both names are given where appropriate, or mentioned in the description of those particular stones.

The articles listed below can help you further identify and value vintage costume jewelry:

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