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Vintage & Collectible Costume Jewelry Marks

Manufacturer's Marks and Designer Signatures on Costume Jewelry


This guide provides both vintage and contemporary collectible jewelry marks, and includes dating information if known. Links to examples of each designer or manufacturer's jewelry are included below the mark when available.

NOTE: Some information included with photos in this gallery (Chanel, Ciner, and others) will link to a sub-article where numerous marks from different time periods for the same company or designer can be viewed.

References for this guide include: Research compiled by Pamela Y. Wiggins, Researching Costume Jewelry at www.illusionjewels.com, MorningGloryAntiques.com, Warman’s Jewelry (3rd Edition) by Christie Romero, American Jewelry Manufacturers by Dorothy T. Rainwater, European Designer Jewelry by Ginger Moro, CJCI Magazine (www.costumejewelrycollectors.com) and others as indicated with each mark selection.

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ARTChanel Round 1970s MarkChanel Ciner Jewelry Mark CinerDeMario-Hagler
Dominique Costume Jewelry MarkDominiqueFashioncraft RobertHannahHollycraft
K.J.L. Mark Dating to the 1960s & Early 1970sKenneth Jay Lane - K.J.L. MarvellaMatisse RenoirMazer
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