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What to Look for in Holiday Pieces
J.J. Swirl Gold Christmas Tree Pin

J.J. Swirl Gold Christmas Tree Pin

Photo by Jay B. Siegel
First, buy things that appeal to you within your price range. Since you'll likely be wearing some, if not all, your Christmas jewelry during the holiday season, you want these pieces to reflect your pride in ownership and perhaps your personal style as well. These pieces range from elegant (like the J.J. brooch shown here) to kitschy and cute. Plus, it's fun to get compliments on the really unique pieces you've carefully selected for your collection while you're wearing them.

Next you'll want to consider quality. Some lower priced holiday jewelry is going have the dime store inexpensive look. If that bothers you, don't buy those pieces. If you have a limited budget, it's better to wait until you run across a great bargain on a fantastic piece than spend your money on something you won't enjoy owning. Finding great bargains could happen in this area of collecting if you're a diligent shopper. Just be sure to examine the safety clasps for damage, make sure the plating is in great condition, and look for missing rhinestones or those that have been haphazardly replaced before buying. A bargain's not a bargain if you buy something broken.

Look for marks on pieces you run across, too. You might find unsigned pieces you like a lot, and it's perfectly fine to buy them. But the most valuable pieces will have a manufacturer's mark on them and they're more likely to hold their value better over time.

Finally, don't shy away from pieces in colors other than red or green. You'll be surprised just how much you'll wear your pink, blue or amber holiday jewelry. After all, your entire December wardrobe isn't made up of clothing that coordinates with red and green.

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