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How to Identify Juliana Jewelry


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Identifying Juliana Jewlery
How to Identify Juliana Jewelry

Juliana Brown Parure

- Jay B. Siegel
Juliana - a collectors nickname given to pieces made by DeLizza & Elster in the late 1950s and early 1960s - jewelry was originally marked with only paper hang tags. Most of those tags were discarded when the original owners wore the pieces leaving the jewelry unmarked today.

Through research and making contact with one of the original owners of DeLizza & Elster, Frank DeLizza, jewelry collectors and authors have been able to learn to identify characteristics of these pieces. Many styles formerly classified as simply "unsigned" have now been identified as "Juliana" or DeLizza & Elster.

Attributing Juliana jewelry allows collectors to more easily search for jewelry designs made by DeLizza & Elster, and marketers to reach potential buyers of this type of jewelry.

The following step-by-step pages will walk you through some of the characteristics, construction techniques, and materials used by DeLizza & Elster to help you identify Juliana jewelry. Many of the identifying clues are found in examining the backs of the jewelry.

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