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R.S. Prussia - The Remarkable Porcelain of Prussia

Values for R.S. Prussia


R.S. Prussia Floral Plate

R.S. Prussia Floral Plate

- Pamela Y. Wiggins

Value History for Ornately Decorated Pieces

R.S. Prussia pieces have appreciated handsomely since my mother started her collection in the 1970s. Portrait pieces mom purchased for $200 back then are easily worth $1,500 or more now. Even the more common and less popular floral decorated pieces are generally worth $100 or more, and they can be worth much more depending on the mold used to fashion the piece and how elaborately it is decorated.

Values for More Simple Lines

Those preferring simpler lines can also find RSP examples to suit their taste. Some of these pieces can be pricier than the ornate items, depending on the theme. A plain vase with a lion and tiger motif could have been marketed for $10,000 to the right collector in the past. Prices have leveled off for these items now, although these pieces are still considered rare and valuable. The same type of vase with floral decor would probably sell for under $500, if that much, even when marked.

Valuing Unsigned R.S. Prussia

A number of unsigned pieces also left the factory. Learning to recognize these can offer the most bargain potential for thrifty shoppers and dealers looking to make a profit. While signed pieces generally hold more value, especially with common floral pieces, unsigned RSP decorated with portraits and other highly desirable motifs still bring high prices. The same holds true for extra fancy mold shapes.

R.S. Prussia Price Points

  • Spring seasons bowl, cobalt blue and gold trim, violet mold - $2,550.00
  • Chocolate pot w/ four matching demitasse cups/saucers, carnation mold with floral décor - $895.00
  • Biscuit jar w/ lid, handled, winter seasons portrait - $750.00
  • Tankard, Icicle Mold w/ reflecting water lily décor and pearlized icicles - $519.00
  • Vase w/ Dice Throwers scene and jewel crown rim - $430
  • Value source: eBay (August 2013)

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