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Appraisal Services Online
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Where to get your items valued online

Online and email appraisals available for a nominal fee through a site sponsored by an Antiques Roadshow expert.

Ask the Appraiser
The Collecting Channel's alternative to the online appraisal. Site states a quick turnaround and online certificate are applicable to all their online appraisals.

Bonhams & Butterfields
Learn more about valuation clinics, photo appraisals by mail and more from this reputable auction entity.

Country Living Online Appraisals
Experts from "the leading auction houses in the country" Sotheby's, Doyle New York, and Christies determine the value of your favorite collectible or prized family heirloom online and free of charge.

An online service offering reasonably priced appraisals and valuations through a network of experts and specialists.

PK Books - Appraisals
This site offers online appraisals for collectible books. You'll also find information for collectors and fun trivia.

Skinner Appraisal Days
Find out about where the next Skinner Appraisal Day will be held. Many of the Antiques Roadshow appraisers participate in these events.

This online appraisal site offers valuations for just $9.95 per item in a straight forward and easy to use format.

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