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Jacobean-style settle, pine, American

Jacobean-style settle, pine, American, ca.1875-1925


Definition: a wood bench with a high back, arms or side panels and often a hooded top; the back is solid and may be paneled; sometimes contains storage space below the seat and even on the back; dating from the Middle Ages, it was gradually supplanted by the more comfortable settee in the mid-18th century, though it continued to be popular in folk or country furniture; experienced a revival during the Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century (see third photo, More Images)

Also Known As: settee (erroneous)

Example: An interest in Gothic furniture forms caused Arts and Crafts designers like the Stickleys to revive the settle, though their versions were equipped with pillows or upholstered to make them more comfortable than the original variety, which were often constructed of several wooden boards.

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