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Antique Desk Styles

Illustrated examples to help you identify antique desk styles

Know Your Antique Desk Styles
Use this pictorial guide to learn all about antique desk styles.

Bureau Mazarin
This glossary-style article describes the bureau mazarin, a lavish desk for the opulent lifestyle of 17th century aristocrats.

Butler's Desk
The butler's desk or butler's chest has been a popular and practical article of furniture since the late 1700s. Illustrated with several examples, this glossary-style article defines the butler's desk or chest.

It's a desk, it's a bookshelf, it's a moveable bookcase...the cheveret is a highly versatile piece of furniture. This illustrated article defines and describes the cheveret, who designed it and when it flourished.

Davenport Desk
Davenport is a big name for a little desk. Learn about the little desk called the davenport, a popular British and American piece of furniture in the 19th century. This article tells you everything you need to know about identifying a davenport desk.

You've probably used an escritoire and never known it. An escritoire was originally a writing box, but it grew into an entire writing desk. This article defines both types of escritoires, and provides illustrations for each.

Fall Front or Drop Front Desk
This type of desk is incorporated into many different styles, and it's known both as a fall front and a drop front.

Kneehole Desk
This desk style originate in England and was popular in Colonial America as well.

Slant-Front Desk
This type of desk has been produced in varying styles for centuries, and it's still popular today.

Wooton Desk
What is a Wooton desk? What made a Wooton desk so unique and expensive, then and now?

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