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Ceramics, Pottery and Porcelain

Learning about pottery and porcelain
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Amphora Artistry
You may know amphora as a type of large two-handled Grecian vase originally designed for storage. But the name Amphora also refers to art pottery produced in the Turn-Teplitz region of Bohemia during the Art Nouveau era.

Capodimonte Porcelain - Exploring the History
While many porcelain enthusiasts think of television shopping club items made and sold suring the last 20 years or so when Capodimonte comes to mind, this Italian porcelain actually dates all the way back to the 1750s when it was first produced in royal factories.

China Matching Services - Playing the Match Game
Using a china matching service can be a great way to replace missing pieces from your antique dinnerware services. But there are other reasons to look one up in your area as well. Check it out!

English Chintz: A Garden for the Table
Bringing a little of the indoors inside doesn't have to aggravate your hay fever. Look no further than your favorite upscale antique shop or head on over to an online auction to pick a few pieces of English Chintz.

Frankoma Pottery, Frankly Speaking
While Frankoma pottery hasn't always been the most popular pottery around, many people are taking notice of the more affordable pieces now as well as the company's rarities.

Glass and Ceramic Baskets - A Book Review
Nothing says springtime like a pretty glass or ceramic basket filled with fresh flowers or homemade treats. Take a look at this informative article for a book suggestion and lots of ideas on what to look for while you're out and about.

Glaze Definition
Pottery is often glazed to give it a beautiful finish, but do you know what goes into a glaze?

Hall China - Fifteen Facts
Get down to business with this bullet point listing of information on the Hall China Company and its numerous product lines.

Head Vases - Modern Head Hunters Prefer the Ladies
These days head hunters seek porcelain models with pretty features and a spot for a bouquet. Find out about how much these once run-of-the-mill collectibles are worth now.

Incised Definition
When an antique dealer refers to incised, what do they mean? Find the definition of "incised" here.

Jardiniere Definition
What is a jardiniere? Find out what jardiniere means in the antique pottery world.

Limoges Defined
Limoges is a popular name in porcelain, but do you really know what it means? Learn the definition of Limoges.

Limoges Porcelain - Learning About Limoges
Find out what to look for in a fabulous piece of Limoges porcelain.

Majolica, Amazing!
To answer a query about this colorfully glazed earthenware, your guide did a little research. Find out what she learned in her latest feature article complete with a picture of the item that fed her curiosity.

Metlox Pottery Collecting
What's a Poppet? Find out through this feature about Metlox pottery.

Ohr Pottery Price Guide
A guide to help you identify and value pottery crafted by George Ohr.

Packaging Pottery and Porcelain for Shipping
There are some tricky points to consider when shipping fragile pottery and porcelain antiques, but this task can be tackled successfully if you know how to package items correctly.

Pottery and Porcelain Price Guides
Pottery and Porcelain Online Value and Price Guides

Roseville Pottery Collecting
Pieces of Roseville Pottery range from common to extremely rare. Learn about which patterns are the most rare and valuable, along with how to identify fakes.

Roseville Pottery Price Guide
Roseville Pottery Identification and Value Price Guide

Roseville Pottery Reproductions - Identifying Roseville Repros
Roseville Pottery reproductions are fairly commonplace nowadays, but it's easy for the new antiques dealer or novice collector to be fooled by them. Learn to identify Roseville reproductions comparing old and new pieces.

R.S. Prussia - Remarkable Porcelain
Learn about Reinhold Schlegelmich's famous porcelain including information on values and reproductions.

Shawnee Pottery Celebrates the Season
Shawnee Pottery offers something interesting for every season. Learn about it here.

Snow Babies: Real "Snow Baby" Started It All
Did you know there was a real "snow baby" more than 100 years ago that the cute-as-can-be collectibles are modeled after? Find out more about the baby and the collectibles here.

Utilitarian Stoneware - Down-to-Earth Antiques
Designed for rough and tumble use years ago, utilitarian stoneware's spot in the home is primarily decorative today. Find out what flea market scavengers look for when adding to a crockery collection.

Wall Pocket Collecting
The history, collectibility and value of ceramic wall pocket vases.

Zsolnay Pottery
Read this profile on the history and products made by Zsolnay Pottery in Hungary.

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