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Depression Glass Patterns

An Illustrated Guide To Help with Identification


This guide is designed to show Depression glass patterns in detail to assist with identification. Dates of manufacture and alternate names for patterns are provided when known. For more information on specific Depression glass pieces and manufacturers of each pattern, click on the links provided below the photos (where available).

For more values, visit the Depression Glass Price Guide.

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American Sweetheart Depression Glass PatternAmerican SweetheartAurora Pattern Depression GlassAuroraBubble Pattern Depression GlassBubbleCameo Depression Glass PatternCameo
Cherry Blossom Depression Glass PatternCherry BlossomDoric Depression Glass PatternDoricGeorgian Depression Glass PatternGeorgianHoliday Depression Glass PatternHoliday
Horseshoe PatternHorseshoe Iris Depression Glass PatternIrisMayfair Depression Glass PatternMayfairModerntone Depression Glass PatternModerntone
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