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Furniture Periods, Styles, Useful Terms and More

Learn about antique furniture including identifying periods, styles and furniture terms.
  1. Asian Antiques & Furniture (13)
  2. Chair, Sofa & Daybed Styles (35)
  3. Chests, Cupboards & Shelves (10)
  4. Desk Styles (10)
  5. Foot Styles (24)
  6. Funiture Designers (12)
  7. Furniture Care/Refinishing
  8. Furniture Elements (25)
  9. Furniture Styles (13)
  10. Leg Styles (11)
  11. Mid-Century Modern (4)
  12. Period Furniture (8)
  13. Price and Value Guides (10)
  14. Soundalikes in Furniture (6)
  15. Table Styles (16)

How to Determine the Age of Antique Furniture
Learning to date old furniture takes time and practice. Use these helpful tips to get you started.

American Antique & Collectible Furniture
A guide to quintessentially American antique styles, American furniture designers, and types of American furniture.

Antique Furniture: Restore or Not to Restore?
You've heard that refinishing old furniture can diminish the value. So when is it okay to clean, repair and refinish an antique? Read on for more information on this popular topic.

Cabinetmakers Database
Trying to research an American furniture manufacturer? Try this useful database for more than 36,000 records searchable by maker name, maker's state, and form of cabinetry or trade. You'll have to register, but it's worth the effort.

Canterbury Magazine/Music Rack
While a canterbury sounds like something for the horsey set, it's actually an article of furniture for music lovers and readers. Learn what a canterbury is and when it developed from this illustrated, glossary-style article.

Cellarette Wine Cooler
Meet the cellarette, an antique wine cooler. This illustrated glossary-style article on the cellarette keeps the info flowing about this 18th-century storage unit for wine and liquor.

Chair Styles - Know Your Antique Chair Styles
A round-up of antique chair styles. Here's a listing of various types of antique chairs, with links to more detailed articles on each one. This list of antique chairs also contains links to more general antique-style articles.

cheval mirror
Learn what a cheval mirror is, without horsing around, by reading this glossary style article. This brief article defines the cheval mirror, and is illustrated with several examples.

English Furniture - Know Your English Furniture
Long live the special relationship between British (English) antiques and Americans. Learn about British antique furniture, furniture elements, and styles.

Daybeds - American and European Examples
Stretch out through three centuries worth of antique European and American daybeds, ancestors of our contemporary recliners.

Foot Styles - Know Your Furniture Feet
This article is a round-up of various furniture foot styles from the Renaissance to the Empire. Learn about varieties of furniture feet styles and when they developed. Several foot styles are listed, with links to more detailed descriptions and photos.

French Furniture - Know Your French Furniture
French furniture is known for its refinement and richly appointed materials. Use this list of features to learn more about furniture, styles and elements made in France.

Furniture Glossary with Illustrations
A glossary of terms pertaining to buying, selling and collecting antique furniture.

Furniture Periods and Styles
Information on periods and styles of furniture manufactured between 1845 and 1915.

Leg Styles - Know Your Furniture Legs
Get a leg up on antique furniture research with this guide to leg styles. Learn the differences between various styles of furniture legs, from the Renaissance to the Empire periods. Knowing furniture leg styles can help identify a piece, and this guide to styles, with links to individual articles, is a handy reference.

Price Guides for Antique Furniture
Need to value your old furniture? See these price and identification guides to help with the task.

Table Styles - Know Your Antique Table Styles
How well do you know your antique tables? Learn more about various styles here.

Keep tabs on your antique furniture knowledge by learning to identify a Tabouret or Taboret. The tabouret (taboret) developed from a humble footstool to a privileged object. Learn what a tabouret is and what it looks like with this glossary-style article.

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