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ladder-back chair


ladder-back chair

A Virginian walnut ladder-back chair with curved slats

-morphy auctions ladder-back chair

A Shaker ladder-back rocker with straight slats, ca. 1901-25

-morphy auctions ladder-back chair

A more formal mahogany ladder-back chair, also called a ribbon-back chair, English Chippendale, ca. 1790

-ANTIQUE Antiques UK (www.antique-antiques-uk.com)

Definition: a slender chair whose back consists of two poles connected by several horizontal slats, resembling a ladder; the slats may be straight or slightly curved; dating from the Middle Ages, it is characteristic of country furniture, such as that made by the Shakers, though more formal versions exist

Also Known As: slat-back, ribbon-back (variation)

Example: In a well-proportioned ladder-back chair, the thickness of the horizontal slats balances out the height of the overall piece.

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