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Furniture Styles

Popular antique furniture styles illustrated and defined

Centennial Furniture
The United States commemorated the 100-year anniversary of its birth, in 1876 with a burst of patriotic motifs slapped onto prevailing furniture styles. Learn what they were and see dramatic images of these unique and valuable pieces.

Chippendale Style Furniture
Recognizing Chippendale furniture looking at legs, feet, and other distinguishing features.

Depression-Era Furniture
It wasn't so long ago that Depression-era furniture was considered second rate by antiques dealers. In some circles, it still is. Nowadays, however, many antiques lovers and clever decorators are taking notice of Depression-era pieces.

Eastlake Furniture
Take a look at this step by step article to learn to identify Eastlake furniture from the Victorian era.

Hepplewhite Style
This encyclopedia-style article offers a guide to Hepplewhite style furniture, including legs, feet and woods.

Queen Anne Style
Learn how to distinguish Queen Anne style antique furniture.

Rococo and Rococo Revival
If you've ever heard the term Rococo and didn't quite know how to identify it, here's the answer.

Shaker Style - Who were the Shakers?
Do you know who the Shakers were? Read about the Shakers, a religious sect that produced simple but beautiful furniture. Learn about the Shakers' beliefs, and how those beliefs were realized in their furniture. Learn to identify the main characteristics of Shaker furniture and how the style evolved.

Sheraton Style
You've heard the words 'Sheraton style', but could you recognize the furniture? Learn who Thomas Sheraton was, and why his work is so significant. This article defines and describes the characteristics of Sheraton-style furniture. Sheraton-influenced furniture is illustrated and identified, with its key features explained and its influence...

Art Deco Vs. Art Moderne
The term Art Deco is often applied to furniture from the 1920s through the 1940s. So is the term Art Moderne. This illustrated article unravels the difference between these two styles, describing how each originated, its key characteristics and influences, and its big designer names to look for.

Victorian Furniture Revival Styles
Learn about furniture revival styles popular during the Victorian era.

William and Mary Style
William and Mary furniture was popular in the late 1600s and early 1700s. Learn more about the background of this style along with the types of chairs and tables made during this era.

Depression Era Furniture
Furniture of the Depression era hasn't always been as popular as other items made during the 1930s but it is gaining a following.

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