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Revival Furniture Styles Popular in the Victorian Era


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Renaissance Revival Style, 1860-1885
Renaissance Revival credenza

Renaissance Revival credenza, maple with satinwood and rosewood and painted center plaque, ca. 1890

-Southampton Antiques (www.southamptonantiques.com)

Attributes of the Renaissance Revival style are turned and fluted legs, raised or inset burled panels, heavily carved finials and crests, inset marble tops, and cookie-cut corners. Many pieces are further decorated by black and gold incising, marquetry inlay and bronze or brass mounts. These pieces were often gargantuan - ideal for the Victorian "more is more" philosophy. The preferred wood was walnut, as it had been in the 1500s - and that was the most accurate thing about this revival style, which also borrowed heavily from the 17th-century Baroque and the earlier Gothic periods.

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