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Tiffany setting

Band with a Tiffany setting, ca. 1915

--Elsie Smith Inc
Definition: a type of setting for a solitaire stone, in which several claw-like prongs (usually six, but sometimes four) hold the gem around the thickest part of its edge, lifting it above the band; this allows light to penetrate both the top and the sides of the stone, ensuring the maximum amount of sparkle; named after Tiffany & Co., which invented the setting in 1886; an innovation when it first appeared - traditionally, stones had been set deep into the band's shank - the setting has become a standard for diamond engagement rings as well as stud earrings; essentially unchanged since its introduction, though the prongs have become slimmer

Example: The first Tiffany settings were made of platinum, and since that white metal is nearly invisible against a diamond, a Tiffany-set diamond ring truly seemed to float on the wearer's finger.

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