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Antique and Collectible Glassware

All about collecting antique & vintage glassware
  1. Art Glass (19)
  2. Carnival Glass (8)
  3. Cranberry Glass (4)
  4. Cut Glass (3)
  5. Depression Glass (19)
  6. Elegant Glass (12)
  7. Glass - '40s, '50s & '60s (4)
  8. Glassware - Other Types (9)
  9. Made of Glass (20)

Antique and Collectible Glassware
Learn about your favorite types of glass.

Antique & Collectible Glassware: Articles, Resources and Price Guides
A hub of information on antique and collectible glassware to aid in researching, pricing and learning more about your favorite glass.

Cambridge Glass - Clearly Quality
It sparkles, it shines and the elegant etchings can't be beat. Take a look at the unsurpassed beauty of Cambridge glass through an article from your guide.

Carnival Glass - Enjoying a Carnival of Glass
Every wonder how carnival glass got it's name? And how'd they get that pretty finish on the glass? Take a look for more information on carnival glass.

Cobalt Blue Glass - Brighten a Day
Cobalt blue glassware can brighten the dreariest of days all year round. Read about what's available, how much it's worth and what's being reproduced.

Collecting Glass and Ceramic Baskets
Nothing says springtime like a pretty glass or ceramic basket filled with fresh flowers or homemade treats. Take a look at this informative article for a book suggestion and lots of ideas on what to look for while you're out and about.

Cranberry Glass - Collect a Crop
Whet your appetite for gorgeous glass while learning about the extraordinary history, craftsmanship and a touch of lovely gold behind all that glimmer.

Cut Glass - American Brilliance
Sparkling facets and dazzling cuts abound when examining American cut glass. Learn more about this popular collectible and view a gorgeous bowl signed "Libbey" in this article from your guide.

Depression Glass Learning and Research
Use these Depression glass resources to learn more about Depression-era glassware, including identifying patterns and researching values.

Depression Glass - A Closer Look
Learn more about this colorful glassware and its history in a special feature from your guide.

An Illustrated Guide To Help with Identification
A guide to help you identify Depression glass patterns.

Depression Glass Identification and Price Guide
An online guide to help you Identify and value your Depression glass pieces.

Depression Glass Specialties Deepen a Collection
You don't have to collect an entire set of dishes to appreciate Depression glass. In fact, a collection of Depression glass specialties offer an opportunity to develop a rich collection that includes a variety of patterns and colors, the things collectors love about Depression glass the most.

Elegant Glassware Price Guide
A guide to help you value glassware from all the major eleglant glassmakers such as Fostoria, Cambridge, and Heisey.

Fenton Glass - Fancy Frills
Fenton Art Glass can be found in gift shops around the country, but it's actually been around since 1905 and some of the older pieces can be quite valuable. Learn more about this company and collecting Fenton glassware.

Fenton Glass Price Guide
Learn about values for a variety of Fenton art glass pieces.

Fostoria Glass - Finery a Favorite with Collectors
The colorful glassware lines made by Fostoria still hold favor with collectors. But did you know this company's colorful past dates back to 1887?

Glassware Marks & Signatures
This illustrated guide to glassware maker's marks and signatures aids research in a convenient photo gallery format.

Heisey Glass - Hopelessly Devoted
This sparkling glassware has been dazzling admirers since 1896. Find out more about their etchings, blanks and an online museum here.

How to Check Glassware for Damage
Learn how to thoroughly check glassware for damage to avoid making costly mistakes.

Kitchen Glassware Identification and Price Guide
A guide to help you identify and value your kitchen glassware, including Depression era pieces.

Kitchen Glassware Stirs Memories
What do you remember about a favorite cook's kitchen? If it's old-timey glassware, take a trip down memory lane with this feature article.

Mary Gregory - Unraveling the Mystery
By examining a tall tale, we get down to the facts on Mary Gregory's glassware painting with a feature from your guide.

Packaging Collectible Glassware for Shipping
Learn how to package antique and collectible glassware to make sure it arrives to its shipping destination undamaged.

Powder Jars - Pamper Your Powder
Pretty glass powder jars, especially those produced during the depression era, come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Find out what to expect when shopping for one of these beauties to decorate your own bedroom or bathroom.

Sickness Definition
When a piece of glass gets "sick," is there a cure? Find out more about glassware sickness here.

Swanky Swigs - What Makes a Swig Swanky?
Ancestors of the colorful character glasses collectors seek today can be traced to the Depression era. They might have been given away for free during decades past, but not anymore!

Uranium Glass Definition
What exactly is uranium glass? Find out through this illustrated definition.

Westmoreland's Paneled Grape Milk Glass
See examples of Westmoreland's Paneled Grape pattern and learn more about the value of this milk glass pattern.

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