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Guernsey Glass

Ca. late 1960s - late 1990s


Mark sometimes erroneously attributed to Boyd's Crystal Art Glass, Inc., which actually uses a B within a diamond marking. Guernsey also used a capital B mark.
Guernsey Glass

Guernsey Glass Co. Mark

- Jay B. Siegel
Company was owned and operated by Harold Bennett, but only produced collectible glassware from 1967 through the late-1970s according to opensalts.net. Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc. reports that Mosser made Guernsey's later pieces. Pieces were made using old molds Bennett owned (some of them first used by Cambridge Glass). The molds were supposedly sold by 2001, with some of them now in the hands of Wilkerson Glass and other manufacturers. Mark used on open salts, glass shoes and hats, candy containers, butter dishes and other items generally made of slag glass, and sometimes with a carnival finish.
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